Even though cryptocurrencies have been around almost ten years and they have a lot of benefits over standard money, still a lot of people don’t know much about them!
Most people who own cryptocurrencies believe that it’s only invest and trade! They take it as a stock market, but as name tells it suppose to be a currency!

But why can’t you still pay your rent or buy a car with Bitcoins or use it in every day life as a real money? The whole story is actually very simple.It was created with a big goal but the IT technology at the time when Bitcoin was created, was still very primitive to make a cryptocurrency better than regular fiat money! Even if there would be few thousand shops to accept bitcoin as a currency in everyday basis then the whole system would jam. It is just not technologically possible to make many transactions with bitcoins and almost every other cryptocurrency in the existence is a copy of bitcoin with a different name!

To be very clear, we are not against bitcoin, but if you want to benefit from crypto market in long term and sustain the value, we need to have also something to the end consumer!
While most of the companies keep doing copycats from the Bitcoin there is luckily some exceptions who has developed better technologies and using different marketing strategy to make cryptocurrency available for masses what brings happiness to the crypto investors and also to the end users.

This approach makes cryptocurrency extremely appealing to merchants who will get a lot of new customers with no expenses, great futuristic payment system and potential to make even money from the growth of the currency value!

DAGGOIN has been in the market only 6 months and has shown remarkable potential! We really believe that this could be the first cryptocurrency what is going to be USED worldwide by masses!
DAGCOIN just started to join merchants and already today you can fuel up or wash your car in GAS STATIONS in Asia or visit RESTAURANTS in Europe!
You just go to the gas station and you pay instantly on the spot with your phone!

Just a matter of time while the landlords start taking rent in DAGCOINS and GROCERIES in the supermarket will also be sold in DAG’s!
And why wouldn’t they?! if it continues to go like this then It is soon the most usable cryptocurrency in the world… And if so, then what will happen with the price within next year or two? Even we at MLM Planet listed ourselves into DAGCOIN merchant finder app and accepting payments in DAGs.
New and cheap ways how to do worldwide transactions with anyone in the blink of an eye, without transaction fees is already enough reasons why to get some DAGs, but what if it also grows in price or brings you new customers, Would it be worth of trying?
This is exactly what we are expecting from cryptocurrency! Cheap and fast transactions all over the world for everybody!
Go check out the Merchant finder at and Dagcoin home page at

NB. If you know any other cryptocurrency what is showing similar signs to be really usable, then leave a comment below about them!

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